"Everyone's contribution to climate security"
  • Diana Gimazova, Tomsk oblast 
    Project: Environmental center "Rostok" in the city of Seversk.
  • Leonid Gurov, Arkhangelsk oblast
    Project: Spring of life.
  • Sophia Daudrikh, Moscow
    Project: ​Saving coral reefs.
  • Eliya Sinanska, Bulgaria
    Project: Our planet, our future!​
  • karina Kozina, Amur oblast
    Research work "Forest fires"
  • Maxim Makarov, Belgorod oblast
    Impact of climate change on epiphytic lichen flora of different-age trees of forest forming species of Stanovskoe tract in Rakityan district.
  • Darina Podkuychenko, Tver oblast
    Research work: "Why is there so much snow?" 
  • Eva Radchenko, Krasnodar krai
    Project: Reducing the burden on the climate.
  • Alexander Fedkin, Kirov oblast
    Project: Problem of climate change on Earth.
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